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Thank You Letters



Beach Erosion, IDA Storm Info and more 

NASA article on IDA and the damage to Neeld Estate


Sea Wall Is Complete
before after
Marty Meyer, Fred Bauer 11/13/09 007a.jpg (111212 bytes)
ANNE 12 3 09 f.jpg (468954 bytes) 014a.jpg (119834 bytes)
11 12 09.jpg (48603 bytes) 004a.jpg (83074 bytes)
Copy (2) of P1010030.JPG (69794 bytes) Copy of 018a.jpg (89968 bytes)
032A.jpg (97323 bytes) 019a.jpg (100802 bytes)
Copy of 005a.jpg (148552 bytes)
011a.jpg (57797 bytes)


Tires on the Beach

The good news is that the tires have helped protect the beach front homes as was suggested by the county and state officials.  The bad news is that many of these tires have floated away and washed up on the beach further south.  Tires are bad enough, but it could have been parts of homes that washed away. 

The owners who used the tires for protection along with friends and Neeld Estate volunteers will be retrieving the tires, as the weather becomes more favorable.

Everyone can help.  If you see a tire washing up and you are physically able to pull it up further on the beach it will be greatly appreciated.  It is easier to retrieve a tire that is not buried in the sand. 

Don Kleinhen
NECA President



NECA Residents, 

We had a great turnout for the NECA Special Meeting on Saturday May 15th.   The state and county representatives presented facts and diagrams about the way the beach sand migrates up and down the shoreline and they addressed the issues presented by Neeld Estate residents.  They were also very concerned about this year’s severe winter erosion problem and acknowledged that a bulkhead is needed to protect against possible shore line erosion in the future and further storm damage to private property.   They said that the county property at Ridge Road would be impacted by the backfill and tiebacks and they preferred that the beach access be left open along with building wing walls by the property owners that are adjacent to the county owned Ridge Road property.  Based on historical sand migration cycles, the sand does return each summer and the MDE representatives hope that this will continue in the future and they expect that the opening at the Ridge Road access area will not erode any further.   Greg Bowen (Calvert County Director of the department of planning and zoning) said that the county prefers that Ridge Road area remain as a beach access for the community and if further erosion does occur, their intension is to maintain this area as open and accessible without obstructions.   Gary Setzer (MDE Program Administrator for the Wetlands and Waterways program) said that MDE considered the bulkhead as phase one and that future phases could involve MDE sponsored beach replenishment with possible rock jetties for further storm protection.   These future phases are expensive and are dependent on state funding programs. 

Based on the information provided by the state and county along with a desire not to hold up the bulkhead permit any longer , NECA membership decided to rescind the motion that would have built a bulkhead across the access and would have accepted the donation of property from Plum Point Corp.   The beach access at Ridge Road will be owned and controlled by Calvert County and Plum Point Corp.

 Don Kleinhen, NECA Pres.                                                                                              5/19/10


Letter & Photos from Anne Jones 

Copy of DSC04794[2].JPG (1482784 bytes)
 last week

DSC04814.JPG (1481362 bytes)
today - 3/29/10

Dear neighbors,

I just wanted to send you all some pictures of what accretion looks like!  We had incredible southerly winds yesterday evening and overnight.  It was a bit scary but those waves really brought in the sand.  For any of us who are concerned that the beach will never build back (regardless of where the wall goes), this is testament to how quickly it can happen.  We also know it can quickly be taken away but as we get more southerly winds this spring and summer, I think we will see that mother nature can give as well as take.  In the three sets of pictures below, the first is today, the second is just last week.  In the third set of pictures, notice the sand build up at the harbor.

Talk soon everyone!



DSC04791[2].JPG (1503511 bytes)

DSC04811.JPG (1356124 bytes)

DSC00415[1].JPG (456945 bytes)

DSC04818.JPG (1213502 bytes)
notice the sand build up 
at the harbor


Neeld Estate 
from Google Earth -
click photos to enlarge

NECA 2007 map.jpg (132304 bytes) NECA 2007 map beach.jpg (106755 bytes) NE Map 5 houses.jpg (88684 bytes)

Neeld Estate March 2007

Affected area - look at the 
amount of sand in 2007

Copy of beach ridge rd.jpg (86438 bytes)




The Beach Is Taking A Pounding - AGAIN!

3 13 2010 a.jpg (180885 bytes) 3 13 2010 b.jpg (128319 bytes) 3 13 2010 c.jpg (135898 bytes)

March 12-13, 2010 -  Coastal Flooding, High Winds 
         photos courtesy of Mary Osbourn-Reilly



Monday January 25, 2010
from Marty Meyer
Here are pics from Monday morning, Jan. 25, 2010.  Jay and Sandy Geest did okay.  The Parks did okay.  Tim Clark did okay.  Anne Jones did okay.  We lost poles and tires.  Mary got hit pretty bad.  Polly got hit bad.  Jenkins will loose their gazebo base soon.
My brother and I were out there in the surf tying our poles together, securing them back in the yard.  We pounded down poles in Anne's yard and put lots more tires on ours and Anne's.  My brother and I spent most of the time trying to secure Mary's yard best we could.  They had a breach in their tire line and lost sand bags.  Poles and tires were floating away.  The rest of their sea wall floated away and was part of the cause for knocking down tires where the old sea wall was behind the tires.  My brother and I hauled about 25 sand bags and put them in Mary's yard to protect it where it washing out.



Tuesday January 26, 2010
from Marty Meyer



Monday, January 25, 2010 Brent Golden's Photos


If You Would Like To Help
from Marty Meyer

As you know, with the beach gone, wave action is still threatening to damage homes.  At this point, the tires and sand bags will be our defense until better protection is installed. 
If anyone in or out of the community would still like to help, there are areas that your help would be greatly appreciated!!
But first and foremost, I would like to thank the family that is not on the water front that has donated the money to purchase an entire dump trunk load of sand!!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
If you can help, here is what we need:
1)  The sand was delivered at the end of Ridge Road on Monday.  We can use anyone who would like to fill sand bags which can be done at anytime on anyone's schedule.  The sand bags can be left near the road or near the beach so they can be used at anytime where needed.  There are empty sand bags there already that can be used. These bags are weak and need to be doubled up.  Any help from filling one bag to many bags will be appreciated!!!  But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not injure your self or overdo it.
2)  At some point, we may need more empty sand bags.  If anyone has a source for them at a reasonable cost, please let us know.
3)  Poles....once again, if anyone has some 4-8 foot poles they don't need, we can use them.  We would like to find round fence posts or street sign poles.  The 't poles' that are in place work well, but longer ones would be good too.
4)  Tires....we may still need some tires.  I have found a source that is local that should give us all we need at this time.  We are just paying for the cost to deliver them.  Or we are picking them up ourselves.  I will keep you posted if we need more. 
5)  Donations....there are expenses that NECA has had to cover as well as many homeowners.
Please, do not feel obligated in any way. 
I personally would like to thank EVERYONE who has done so much already!!!  I know all the affected homeowners feel the same way.  We are all very grateful for all your help and expenses you have provided!!!
See ya on the beach, Marty Meyer
202 288 8778 



To all of the VOLUNTEERS 

We asked for help and you came. Young and old. You brought food,
 shovels, words of encouragement, you changed your schedules, 
and you worked until it hurt, all to help our neighbors in need.  
Not only on this Thanksgiving, but each and every day, we all 
have a lot to be thankful for. 
 Thank You!   Thank You!   Thank you!

wpe1.jpg (159762 bytes)


11/21/09 pm




Beach - before Beach - after

Photos from Marty Meyer - before and after


December 27, 2009 Beach Photos

Copy of 019.JPG (1306652 bytes) Copy (2) of 027.JPG (1560871 bytes)

view slideshow in



December 26, 2009 - Pictures from Marty Meyer
Copy of 1.jpg (42110 bytes) 8.jpg (49144 bytes) 15.jpg (52018 bytes)
24.jpg (39497 bytes) 35.jpg (39425 bytes) 13.jpg (43763 bytes)

more photos are posted in 
 click this link, once in shutterfly - click "view album", then click "play slideshow"


Snow Storm Photos from Brent Golden
- December 19, 2009 - 11am
032.JPG (1110521 bytes) 12 19 09 j.JPG (927785 bytes) 031.JPG (925297 bytes)
more photos posted on Friends of Neeld Estate




ANNE 12 3 09 a.jpg (483093 bytes)

 Photos from Anne Jones
December  2009

ANNE 12 3 09 f.jpg (468954 bytes) ANNE 12 3 09 e.jpg (489211 bytes) ANNE 12 3 09 d.jpg (447558 bytes)
ANNE 12 3 09 g.jpg (418101 bytes) ANNE 12 3 09 b.jpg (364801 bytes) ANNE 12 3 09 c.jpg (343433 bytes)




Pictures from Sandy Detwiler 11/28/09
Lots of tires, lots of sandbags, lots of help!!  
Thanks to all that helped with the tires and all who filled and moved those wet, heavy sandbags. 

Sandy D 11 28 09 aa.jpg (114168 bytes) Sandy D 11 28 09 bb.jpg (109087 bytes)  Sandy D 11 28 09 dd.jpg (98408 bytes)

Marty Meyer's photos taken Wednesday afternoon 11/25/09
The sand is being sucked out.

PLEASE - DO NOT WALK or CLIMB on the sand in front of the homes along the waterfront - this area is EXTREMELY FRAGILE!!!



POSTED - Wednesday, 11/25/09 pm - 
The beach continues to wash away. We are in need of old carpet, padding, silt fence, Tyvek - Anything of that nature that can be placed behind the row of tires.  If you have any of these items, just drop them off at the end of Ridge Road.

Also - We still need SANDBAGS! 
Anyone wanting to fill sandbags - you are welcome to come at any time, fill and leave them for others to place when and where needed. 
Please only fill 3/4 or less - the bags are heavy and we are tired.

More homes are in danger
(see photos below) and we still need a lot of help. 

Marty Meyer's photos taken Wednesday afternoon 11/25/09
The sand is being sucked out.

PLEASE - DO NOT WALK or CLIMB on the sand in front of the homes along the waterfront - this area is EXTREMELY FRAGILE!!!



POSTED 11/23/09 

Request for Metal Fence Posts

Hello again. 
 We are urgently looking for fence posts to secure the tires!!  
Here are pictures at 4:00pm Monday afternoon.  Sandbags have been washing away all night!!  We are trying to put more tires out before high tide tonight at 8:00pm.!!

Thanks in advance!!  Marty 


High Tide 11/23/09
  bags 12 high tide.jpg (34321 bytes)

 POSTED  Marty Meyer  11/23/09



To all of the 


Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank you!

                                                                                                                                             11/21/09  photos courtesy of the Klausner's

We asked for help and you came. Young and old. You brought food, shovels, words of encouragement, you changed your schedules, and you worked until it hurt, all to help our neighbors in need.  Not only on this Thanksgiving, but each and every day, we all have a lot to be thankful for. 

POSTED 11/21/09 pm



The beach is off limits at this time in front of the affected homes.  
PLEASE do not walk on the sandbags!!  
The affected homeowners have been in meetings all week with County, State, and Federal representatives discussing the short and long term goals for these homeowners.  We were not declared a disaster area by the Governor, which hurts financially.   Due to the massive budgets it is going to be expensive for any repairs to be done. 
The homeowners are waiting on recommendations from DNR, Army Corp of Engineers and the Dept of the Environment. We will keep you posted on their suggestions.  
In the meantime, PLEASE do not cross over the fence or ropes into the affected areas. 

                                                                                                             POSTED 11/21/09 am



Anyone with storm photos, please email them to me:
note: I wasn't able to take photos - I was Sandbagging, so the only photos to be posted on 
our web site are the ones you send me. If you have large photo files, go to 
and open a free account. Upload your pictures and send me the link to your photos 
and I'll post them here.

Thank You Letters

Mary Osbourn Reilly | Anne Jones | Marty Meyer


Hello and THANKS to so many from Marty Meyer!!
     I apologize for the delay in sending this letter, I have been adding to it all week.  
    First and foremost, how do even start to say Thank You to so many??  
For those who do not know, on Thursday, a handful of people were able to secure all items from the beach front.  After that, a group of about 15 Thursday night were able to put out over 300 bags in front of the Meyer cottage in the pouring rain and pounding surf, not stopping until every sand bag was used, finishing close to Midnight.  That effort alone saved the Meyer cottage Thursday night.

     On Friday at day break, I awoke to see that a corner of our cottage unprotected was washing out at the footers.  As I walked past Anne Jones' kitchen window, she opened it and in tears said "I am all alone, I need help"!  Indeed she did, her cottage foundation was also washing away.  4 people started filling sand bags and I alone, because I had the strength, carried those bags and placed them in front of her cottage.  This was the process for an hour or more that morning.  It was very scary since each time I put a bag down and went back to get another, the first one would wash away and more foundation would be undermined.  We just didn't stop working and did what we could!

     Eventually as the day went on, more and more and more people came to help!!! Most of you know the story from there. 

    Because of EVERYONE'S efforts that day, the cottages were savedIt took every person who showed up to make that happen!!!  I cannot even begin to name them in person, but EVERY person was IMPORTANT!!

     So Please believe that I am writing from my heart. 
I would like very much to express my sincere Thanks to all of you:    
I want to Thank
Every Federal, State and County official who took phone calls over the weekend and changed their agendas to meet at 10am Monday morning; 
I Thank
those same people, who right now, are in meetings, taking action and sincerely helping as they said they would;
I want to Thank all the Commissioners and staff who showed up on sight, who made phone calls for help, carried sand bags and stood side by side with neighbors all on a Friday night after a long work week; 
I want to Thank
the Fire Departments personal who carried sand bags and provided the light; 
I Thank
the EMS who made sure all were well;
I Thank the Police who carried sand bags and secured the area; 
I want to Thank
all the businesses, home chefs and individuals who provided food, equipment and fuel all at their own cost; 
I want to Thank
the 'wiser' folks who knew their physical limits and helped where ever they could calling for help and holding open sand bags to be filled; 
I want to Thank
the persons who had the muscle to carry heavy loads; 
I want to Thank
those who gave up their personal plans or traveled so far to be there;
 I want to Thank the great neighbors, community and people I don't even know who put in long hard hours; 
I want to Thank
the tweens/teens who twittered friends to come help; and 
I want to Thank
the mom and dads who brought their toddlers with little plastic shovels who helped fill sand bags.
   I will tell you, it literally took EVERY person that came and helped to save those homes from falling into the Chesapeake Bay that day!  It was their efforts that made ALL the difference.
     I am truly humbled that so many people helped so few who were in need.  I wish I could name them all, they all deserve recognition.
On a personal note, I do need to identify two people who helped me so very much.  Many of you know I have a big white fluffy cool cat who walks the beach and rides jet skies named 'Jake'.  Jake developed an ulcer on his green eye several days before.  My good friend Peggy Clark came down Thursday night to look at it and said Jake will need medical help.  On Friday, Peggy was willing to make calls to the vet to discuss the problem who told her Jake needed immediate emergency medical help asap or he would loose his eye.  Peggy made additional calls to set up the appointment.  Peggy then contacted her friend Marianne Frankhauser.  Since Peggy was working, Marianne, whom I don't even know, volunteered almost her entire day, to drive down to Plum Point, pick up Jake, drive all the way to Annapolis to the vet hospital, stayed with Jake for the visit, called me several times about the status, picked up all the medicines, pay up front for the visit, drove Jake all the way back to Plum Point and gave me all the important papers, instructions and medicine....all so I could stay at Plum Point to focus on the efforts to save our homes!  Because of Peggy and Marianne's efforts, Jake is now doing better and will keep his eye.  
   I feel so very humbled and thankful that a stranger did that for me.
   Once again,  I Thank You for the time many of you have put in and the well wishes from many others.  I have gotten calls from people I have not heard from for many years expressing their concern.  I am truly blessed and fortunate to have such wonderful neighbors, friends and family.  Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning for us this year! 
   This year, our family will be having Thanksgiving Diner on our porch only because YOU saved it!!  If anyone who came to help and will be alone on Thanksgiving Day, Please let me know and come join us for diner.

   I can't say it enough, I still find it awe inspiring that SO many people helped in SO many capacities.  Like I mentioned, it literally TOOK THAT MANY PEOPLE to save our homes.  It was a race against mother nature and we have won so far!!

Sincerely and Warmly, Thank you all!!!  Marty Meyer, Jake and the Meyer Family

(Please forward this message to everyone deserving who may not see it on the web site.  I am still hearing about sacrifices people made that day for us.)  202 288 8778  (Marty's email and cell) 

                                                                                                                           POSTED 11/20/09


018.JPG (934145 bytes)   wpe1.jpg (159762 bytes)    

Dear NECA Residents:

This message to you will be my last official letter as President of NECA. First and foremost I want to echo what Anne Jones has already said and the two words thank you just don’t seem big enough to express my gratitude for helping five families save their houses this past weekend. Over 11 dump trucks of sand were filled into bags which I am told is over 80 tons. The teenagers twittered their friends and kids of all ages came to help. Once the story hit the news, people who did not even belong to our community came with coffee, water and food and other just to help to bag sand.

Many thanks to a few key individuals including Marty Meyer who’s house was not only in danger but who also worked to coordinate the relief effort. Kirby Jean drove bags in his truck from the entrance way to take to the houses, Kenny Fraser drove the front end loader, Fred Bauer helped the loading of bags into the transport vehicles. Mike Matullo brought his heavy equipment in and had two of his workers helping as well. We even had Todd Ireland, from the Calvert County Sheriff’s office helping the folks out laying the sandbags along the shoreline and he doesn’t even live in our community! If I did not mention you by name don’t be offended but the list would go on so long that I would not be able to finish this letter. The five families most deeply affected have talked about a more formal thank you event which we hope to be able to do next summer, so please email me with your contact information if you were out there helping. (

I am sure you are all wondering what the next steps are. For those of you living full-time in the community, you should now see a sign at the top of Ridge Road, stating local residents only. This is to keep the curiosity seekers out. We had the State Roads Department down today and they have fenced off the beach between the affected house and the harbor. The land between the Gordon’s House and the Park’s house will be used by the county for emergency erosion control management. The NECA B.O.D. met by phone over the weekend and approved granting the county this resources in order to help us. I apologize if this in an inconvenience but the good news is that we are headed into the winter month’s so most of you won’t be walking the beach. If you do walk the beach and come up from the south end, we ask that you not go beyond Bill Park’s house. The area in front of the affected houses is very fragile.

Also, today, Marty Meyer, Bill Parks, Anne Jones and myself were at a meeting with the Calvert County Officials and Tri-County Council as well as officials from the Governor’s office, Senator’s Hoyer and Mikulski offices and Maryland Emergency Management. They have agreed to call upon DNR, MD Dept of the Environment and the Army Corps of Engineer to provide an assessment with in 48 hours of what is the best short term solution. We also asked to have our community to be declared a state disaster area so that federal relief efforts would become available. I have been asked to be the contact for Neeld Estate so if you have suggestions, concerns and questions, please feels free to contact me at 443-995-3182.

Thanksgiving is next week and I know that have much to be thankful for, especially the residents and friends of Neeld Estate who came out to help not only my family but the Jones, Meyer, Gordon and Park’s families. Lastly, I want to wish you all a wonderful upcoming holiday season and prosperity in the New Year. I hope to see you on the (rebuilt) beach next summer!

Mary Osbourn Reilly



Dear Neeld Estate Family,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your tireless efforts that saved my cottage and my neighbors' cottages.  What an unbelievable show of love, support and MUSCLE!  You put your lives on hold to fill, carry, stack sand bags, drive vehicles, cook, bake, hand out food, call in support, give hugs, tell jokes, fill more sand bags.... the list goes on and on.  There was no question in anyone's minds that this is where they needed to be.  People left work, pulled kids out of school, walked away from their busy schedules to help, help, help.  Two of you celebrated birthdays on Friday - Carol  (the big 50!) and Timmy  (the big 21!) as you shoveled and stacked sand bags!  What a way to celebrate! 

At one point Friday my brother told me to start moving things off the porch because one pier had been knocked away by the surf and the others could go at anytime.  This was it.  The porch was going!  Once everything was off the porch it was back to sand bagging.  I couldn't look at the cottage anymore.  I just had to sand bag.  The sand bagging team was in high gear cranking them out and the stacking team was battling the waves and cold to try and build a wall of sand bags.  The wind and waves kept up even though the tide was supposed to be going out.  I was trying not to think of what was happening on the beach front as we all just kept going.  Finally I decided to look and what I saw brought tears to my eyes.  Thousands of sand bags were up against the front of the cottages and the waves were hitting the wall of bags.  It was working!  I looked at the people between the cottages stacking the bags and the many people filling the bags and I just cried!  One by one, person after person, bag after bag - we were making a difference!  That was a turning point - there was hope! 

This morning things look good as the sun is shining and the waves are lapping at about a foot of beach in front of the sand bags.  I know I can speak for the Osborn, Meyer and Gordon/Clark families in saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  This is just one more example of what a great community we live in.  Thank you one and all!

Your very grateful neighbor,

Annie/Anne Jones




These pictures are posted in 
They can be viewed as a slideshow. 

11/12/09 to 11/15/09 Pictures from Mary Klausner
11/21/09  Pictures from Mary Klausner
11/13/09 - 11/14/09 Pictures from Mary Osbourn Reilly
11/12/09 - 11/14/09 Photos from Marty Meyer
Thursday 11/12/09
Friday 11/13/09
Saturday 11/14/09  
11/21/09 Pictures from Anne Jones
  Sean Gallagher (Annie's brother)
2009 Nov Neeld Estate Fighting 
back the Nor'Easter
  Huntingtown Fire Department  #1
  Huntingtown Fire Department  #2



Thursday 11/12/09
11 12 09.jpg (48603 bytes)


wpe10.jpg (213364 bytes)
 Sept. 2008

Copy (2) of P1010030.JPG (69794 bytes)
Nov 2009

In front of Marty Meyers house July  2009 


Saturday Morning -  11/14/09 

11 14 09 a.JPG (554106 bytes)  11 14 09 b.JPG (659667 bytes)  

Copy of 11 14 09 c.JPG (521728 bytes)

11 14 09 d.JPG (617009 bytes)

thank you.jpg (816981 bytes)   SD 6.jpg (557242 bytes)  

  SD 7.jpg (570013 bytes)
To All of the Sandbaggers!
And to ALL of the many


- Nor'easter tears beach at Neeld Estate. Thank you to all who contributed to the effort to save the beach houses
Especially the Huntingtown VFD who provided the bags for filling with sand and Calvert County who brought in several dumps of sand.

I posted about 70 pictures from Friday, November 13 at the Picasa site.  You can access and download them by clicking on the below link.

Sean Gallagher (Annie's brother)

You are invited to view Sean's photo album: 2009 Nov Neeld Estate Fighting back the Nor'Easter

P1010030.JPG (69794 bytes)

P1010064.JPG (27170 bytes)
  Marty Meyer, Fred Bauer

11 15 09.jpg (59558 bytes)




12/29/09  Marty Meyer

Live on Channel 7 - again - on the 5:00pm news!  
Click on the link below to see the story and video

Plum Point Residents Watch Wind Erode Beach|ABC 7 News




Channel 9 News Story - 11/24/09


Not Again! Huntingtown Residents Face Another Round Of Flooding

Channel 9 News Story - 11/23/09    





wpe5.jpg (212586 bytes)
Sept 2009 vs Nov 2009   
photo: Sandra Detwiler

SD 2.jpg (846464 bytes)
photo: Sandra Detwiler

SD 5.jpg (797430 bytes)
photo: Sandra Detwiler

Channel 9 News 11/24/09 

Chesapeake Bay Community Needs Help
Exhausted residents of the Neeld Estate Neighborhood near Plums Point are 
seeking help from volunteers and the National Guard.


News Channel 8
Calvert County Homes Remain in Danger       
posted 11/16/09
Channel 7 WJLA  11/16/09

PLUM POINT, Md. - With their homes perched on the edge of destruction, residents of the Neeld Estate community in Calvert County met with state and federal officials monday to plead for help.

Last week's nor'easter erased their protective beaches and sent waves crashing against their homes' foundations.

Residents frantically filled sandbags to protect their property.

But while the nor'easter is long gone, their homes remain in danger. Waves from the Chesapeake Bay continue to lap just inches from their homes. Without the sandbags, the foundations would crumble, homeowners fear.

"We're still very scared at the moment," said Marty Meyer. "We are still very vulnerable."

But the pull of the retreating waves is sucking the sandbags into bay. If they go, the water will slam directly into the homes

According to Meyer that would "actually bust the foundation out, so we are still in extreme danger at this point."

On Monday, three days after the storm, the county sent in workers to fence off the sandbags to keep people from walking on them.

Workers fence off the sandbags protecting the home.

Representatives from the governor's office and Maryland's Emergency Management Agency met with local officials and the residents of Neeld estate. They agreed to make an assessment of the situation within 48 hours. One home could be condemned because the water wore away the foundation.

"So that we can get a short-term and long-term solution to the problem," said Wilson Parran, president of the Calvert Board of County Commissioners.

While they are trying to come up with a way to force the water back, county officials addressed criticism that they did not act fast enough to help the residents.

"The county, I think, was responsive," said Terry Shannon, the Calvert County administrator. "We came out with several truckloads of sand, thousands of sandbags."

When asked why the county did not formally ask the governor for help. The county's head of emergency response said the situation did not rise to the level to warrant an appeal for the national guard.

"No, it did not rise to that level," said Bobby Fenwick, Calvert County's emergency management director. "Th[e] community was present [and] was filling the sandbags, doing the thing that was done for that private community was being handled."

Mary Reilly spent Monday assessing the damage to her home and worrying about her husband. Paramedics had to treat him when he almost collapsed from filling and hauling sandbags.


"I would have loved the National Guard," Reilly said. "Am I upset? You know what, it's too late to throw stones. We did whatever we could."

The residents are offering up a thank you to all the volunteers who raced to help them shore up their homes in the face of the ferocious storm.



Channel 9 News Story & Video

Neighbors Rally To Save Beachside Houses


HUNTINGTOWN, Md. (WUSA) -- Dozens of neighbors sprung into action Friday to save one beachside row of houses threatened by the storm.

They spent countless hours digging up dirt and packing sandbags. Then community members formed assembly lines and passed the sandbags until they were able to salvage three houses under siege.

Marty Meyer and his two siblings live in one of the homes saved on Beach Drive in the Neeld Estates. Their grandfather built the house decades ago when the shoreline was nearly 40 yards away. On Friday, three days of thirty miles per hour winds and relentless waves had the water crashing their foundation.

"This is the first time it's ever been this bad," said Meyer. "We've had the community down here helping to save these two homes here. My neighbor's foundation was underwashed. My foundation was underwashed. It's scary. It makes your stomach drop."

Fast moving neighbors caught word of the situation earlier today and volunteered to help. They used spotlights and major machinery to facilitate the work. The Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department also parked their vehicles nearby and used the side lights to illuminate the street.

"Some people were here last night doing this. And since 11:00 this morning we've stacked 700 sandbags to save this house. It would have been gone," said Dan Garner, one of the neighbors moving sandbags.

Garner pointed to one family's home where 14-year-old Morgan Jones described when they first realized they were in big trouble.

"The water was coming up through the heat vents and it was just splashing and it was scary," she said.

High tide was at midnight and by 10:00 pm, most of the residents believed they'd survive the worst. In just two days, they'd manage to stack several thousand sandbags to save three homes.


Written by Brittany Morehouse



Huntingtown Fire Department

Huntingtown Fire Department

Fox 5 News

News Channel 8

Calvert Co. Residents Fill Sandbags to Protect Homes


News Channel 8

Channel 7 WJLA
Waves Threaten to Destroy Homes in Calvert County

Channel 7 WJLA
Md. Residents Try to Save Homes from Nor'easter

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Photos from Marty Meyer -
the pictures are posted in They can be viewed as a slideshow.

Thursday 11/12/09 -

Friday 11/13/09 -

Saturday 11/14/09 -


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  • The Chesapeake Bay is North America's largest and most biologically diverse estuary
  • More than 3,600 species of plants, fish and animals live in the Chesapeake Bay
  • Over 300 species of migratory waterfowl, songbirds and birds of prey seek the shallow coastal bays for food and shelter
  • An additional 3 million people are expected to move the Chesapeake Bay watershed by 2020
  • Nearly 95% of the land in Maryland drains to the Chesapeake Bay
  • Prior to the late 1800s, oysters were so abundant in the Chesapeake Bay that some oyster reefs posed navigational hazards to boats
  • The Chesapeake Bay is shallow. A six foot tall person could wade over 700,000 acres of the Bay without becoming completely submerged
  • Sea level is rising in Maryland at a rate of approximately 1 foot per century, twice the national average due to land subsidence.


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In situations where the Emergency Operations Center of Calvert County Government has deemed it necessary to open an emergency shelter; the primary shelter for the county is at Huntingtown High School.

Huntingtown High School
4125 N. Solomons Island Road (MD Rt. 2/4)

In the event of an incident specifically involving the Dominion Cove Point LNG Plant that the Emergency Operations Center of Calvert County deems it necessary to open a shelter; than Patuxent High School will be utilized.

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" It's volunteers that make an extra effort every day to strengthen our relationships
in the community and help make Neeld Estate a wonderful place to live"


The Neeld Estate Beach is PRIVATELY OWNED by the Neeld family
and can only be used by Residents of Neeld Estate and their Guests
Anyone else is TRESPASSING on Private Property
"Violators will be prosecuted by authority of Plum Point Corp."

(Posted on the signs leading to the beach)



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