PAINT PARTY - Sunday, October 16, 2016, 1:00pm, Hilltop House

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NECA Officers

Joe Carta

1st Vice President
Betsy Ross

2nd Vice President

Sandy Geest
Mary Klausner

NECA Committees

Beach Clean-Up
Jay Geest, Chairperson
Hilltop House
Sue Coffey, Chairperson
Janet Gean, Brett Reeves
Jay Geest, Chairperson
Neighborhood Watch
Janet Gean, Chairperson
Roads & Drainage
Don Nauser
Eve Shoemaker, Chairperson
Mosquito Control
Charlotte Zajac, Chairperson

The Calvert County Leash Law for Pets Is

Please obey the rules
Call 410-535-2800
to report loose dogs



Old Photos from The Neeld Family and more...

Hurricane Sandy photos

A Short History of 
Plum Point

Neeld Estate

Attention Dog Walkers:
"Mutt Mitt" Doggie Bag Dispensers

The "Mutt Mitt" Doggie Bag Dispensers have been installed, one at each of the main entrances to the beach. Hopefully this will encourage all dog walkers to pick up after their pets.
read more about
Mutt Mitts

Attention Dog Walkers:
"If your dog leaves it. .
Please Retrieve it"
It's A Law
Help keep our pets from polluting the Bay
Pet Waste is one of the major contributors to Bay pollution

Calvert County residents are encouraged to download the free “Prepare Me Calvert” emergency preparedness mobile application now available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices through the Apple App Store or the Google Play market.


Paint Party at Hilltop House


Hilltop House

(NECA Fun Raiser)

 Bring check for $45 made to NECA
($25 deductible)

Includes everything!

(prepared canvas, paints, instruction, wine, snax…)  

 Lynn Gauthier, Instructor

 Take home your personal masterpiece!  

Questions? Call Eve: 240-286-4713

(from Betsy Ross)

Space is Limited!! 
Sign Up ASAP!

Please select your preferred image when registering 
so Lynn can prepare the canvas   

Make check payable to: NECA 
Deliver or mail to Betsy Ross by Oct 1
2821 Beach Drive, Huntingtown MD 20639
Eve Shoemaker 2825 Lookout Trail
Huntingtown, MD 20639

Maximum 20 - Confirmed when paid.

A little info. . . Lynn Gauthier, "Paint and Praise" will lead 
the Paint Party at Hilltop House.  After teaching art in public schools for 22 years, and surviving cancer, Lynn is now sharing her love of painting with others, seeking to infuse 
a sense of gratitude for life and God in her work. 




CAASA’s “Step by Step” 5K and the Angela Mister Golf Tournament, sponsored by Debbi and Greg  Mister, are events that raise funds for CAASA programs, such as mini-grants, Neighborhood Watch Program, National Night Out, awareness campaigns (Red Ribbon Week, Designated Driver Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, National Prevention Week, etc.), “Let’s Talk” Workshops, and assist with the purchase of media ads, brochures and displays.


If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to call the office at 410-535-3733



Neighborhood Watch Newsletter - August 19 2016-10a.jpg (170854 bytes)  Neighborhood Watch Newsletter - August 19 2016-11a.jpg (229654 bytes) 

If you need more info, contact Janet Gean, Neighborhood Watch Chairperson



It's Was FUN... FUN... FUN... 

Neeld Estate's 2016
4th of July Celebration

I just want to THANK everyone who helped with our fabulous celebration this year.  
The weather cooperated and we were able to go ahead with our plans.

The Parade was the best!  Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department was
well represented. I think they brought all of their equipment.  Thanks to all
of the HVFD members. We love having you here to help us celebrate.

Thanks to Shirley Surgent for reminding us of the meaning of the 4th of July 
when we salute our flag. That’s special. You always do a fantastic job with
the games - couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks to Brett Reeves for being our Master of Ceremonies this year.  You
had a big challenge to get everything in before the rain returned and we made it!!

 To everyone that volunteered to help at the event. . . 

Thanks to the many helpers who came early to help set-up. That was a BIG HELP! 

Parade Committee—Sandy Geest and the Judges
Parade Line-Up—Joe Carta & Mary Fragale
Hot Dogs—Jay Geest & Don Nauser
Flag Ceremony—Shirley Surgent & our Flag holder—Jake Pawulak
Snow Cones—Eve Shoemaker, Kari Logan, Wendy Lloyd & helpers  
     Thanks to the Plitt's
for the use of their snow come machine
Face Painting—Betsy Detwiler & Cheryl
50-50 Raffle—Mary Osborn-Reilly & Jackie Parks
Games – Shirley Surgent & many helpers

Piñata  - Anne Jones and helpers

Food -Thanks to everyone who donated food & drink items.

Ice - Glynn Shoemaker & Fred Bauer 

Photo Booth  -  ‘Selfies’ with the Shark & other props was so much fun

Watermelon Eating Contest—Eve Shoemaker & helpers

CLEAN-UP VOLUNTEERS—you were the best! I could not have gotten it all cleaned up without your help. I honestly can’t thank you enough.

Patricia Press—Thank you for letting us use your yard for the community celebration year after year. 

Thanks to Judi McKay and Bill Lawson for use of their property for the Kids Piñata

And I have to thank my family— for their support and help before, during
and after our celebration.  I always know that I can count on all of you.   

If I forgot anyone... I'm sorry. Contact me and I'll add your name.

I hope everyone had a good time and created a lot of memories!
I Can’t wait until next year! 
Dorothy Oliver, Chairperson

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Calvert County has a leash law for
meaning "if a dog is off the owner's real property,
must be on a leash"
There have been many complaints about dogs not on a leash.
Please follow the rules.


CDC Zika Virus Prevention

Zika virus disease (Zika) is a disease caused by the Zika virus, which is spread 
to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito.  
The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, 
and conjunctivitis (red eyes).

Governor Larry Hogan Proclaims 
April 24-30 Zika Virus Awareness Week
Residents Urged to Do Their Part to Prevent Spread of Mosquito-Borne Disease



Tips to Rid Neeld Estate of Mosquito Breeding Sites

  • Clean rain gutters to allow water to flow freely.

  • Remove old tires or drill drainage holes in tires used for playground equipment.

  • Store plastic wading pools inside or turn them upside down when not in use.

  • Turn over or remove clay pots and plastic containers.

  • Dispose of all empty beverage containers, plastic wrappers, discarded toys, etc.

  • Check for trapped water in plastic or canvas tarps used to cover boats, pools, etc. Arrange the tarp to drain the water.

  • Pump out bilges in boats. Turn canoes and small boats upside down for storage.

  • Replace water in bird baths at least twice a week.

  • Remove pet food and water dishes that are not being used.

  • Flush livestock water troughs twice a week.

  • Don't leave garbage can lids lying upside down. Be sure water does not collect in the bottom of garbage cans.

  • Flush water in the bottom of plant holders twice a week.

  • Fix dripping outside water faucets.

  • Turn wheelbarrows upside down when stored outside.

  • Check around construction sites or do-it-yourself improvements to ensure that proper backfilling and grading prevent drainage problems.

  • Check ornamental ponds, tree holes and water-holding low areas for mosquito
    larvae. Call the nearest Mosquito Control Office (see below) if you find, or
     suspect, mosquito larvae are present. “Mosquito Fish” are available that will
     naturally control 

  • larva in ponds.

  • If ditches do not flow and contain stagnant water for one week or longer, they can produce large numbers of mosquitoes. Report such conditions to a Mosquito Control Office. Do not attempt to clear these ditches because they may be protected by wetland regulations.

    Contact the Mosquito Control at the County’s Department of General Services, 410-535-1600 or 301-855-1243 or Mosquito Control Section of the Maryland Department of Agriculture nearest you for additional assistance and advice.

    Maryland Department of Agriculture Mosquito Control Offices Annapolis
     (Headquarters) 410-841-5870 Southern Maryland 301-373-4263




October 16th    Hilltop House
Betsy Ross, hosting
more details to be posted



Slow Down. . . No Need To Speed

PLEASE Slow Down. . .
in the neighborhood








I have posted many photos of our community and 
the surrounding areas to the Neeld Estate Facebook page.

If you are not a member, please join.  
The conversations and memories from the past are priceless. 
Feel free to add your photos and join in the conversations.





2016 Membership Dues are due and payable by 
December 31, 2015

NECA provides maintenance on our community's gathering place - Hilltop House, keeps the beach clean, web site hosting fees, advocates mosquito control, maintains the bulletin board on Bay Parkway, plans community events, landscaping, etc.  Please join

Full Member -  an owner of property located in Neeld Estate $ 50.00
Associate Member -  a relative of any member of NECA, at least 18 yrs of age      7.00
Affiliate Member -  a tenant resident in Neeld Estate who has rented or occupied property with a lease for at least 1 year   20.00


These dues are PER YEAR

Contact : Mary Klausner, NECA Treasurer 





Have any ideas for a Community Event? 
New to the Neighborhood? 

Come join us at our monthly meetings... 
share your ideas, meet your neighbors and find out what's happening in our community.
Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.
Meetings are held the 1st Saturday of each month,  
Time: 10:00 am.  
Location: Hilltop House - Shore Drive



 Reminder To The Community

The walls along the beach are personal property and should not be trespassed upon. Most of us would not like people walking through our yards so consequently we should have respect for the walled yards along the beach front. Also, the homeowners on the beachfront are concerned someone may fall and get hurt. Thanks.

                                             email received



Photos of Neeld Estate taken by Mike Plitt 
August 9, 2015

1.jpg (110762 bytes)

11.jpg (66272 bytes)

view photos





Neeld Estate Directory of Property Owners & Residents

Greetings: I am in the process of updating the Neeld Estate Directory of Property Owners & Residents. A number of individuals, when mailing in their membership dues did not include the information form included with the dues notice.. This is the basic source of data for the Directory.

If you did not send in this form and have made any changes since the previous Directory in 2013 [ changes in name, address, telephone #, or email etc. ] please send me the appropriate information.

Also, if anyone does not wish to be included in the Directory, let me know.
Thanks - Jay Geest





Neeld Estate Facebook Page
Please feel free to use the Neeld Estate Facebook Page to share your info, photos, events, etc. 
This is the fastest way to get your message out to everyone.  
As hard as I try, I am not always available to post or update information in a timely manner on the Neeld Estate web page.    
 Thank you, Dorothy Oliver

p.s. I'm always looking for photos to add to the web site... please send them!

Adding people to the Neeld Estate
Neeld Estate Facebook Page

** If you have a family member or friend that would like to join our community Facebook group, please send them a
  "INVITE BY EMAIL" request in Facebook or email me and I'll add them to our group. 
I had to make Neeld Estate a "closed group" due to many fictitious "persons" requesting to join. 



The Neeld Estate community would like to thank the many volunteers who help out all year long.

Whatever part you play in making Neeld Estate a better place to live, we want you to know we appreciate your time and efforts.    Thank You!!

"It's volunteers that make an extra effort every day to strengthen our relationships in the community and help make Neeld Estate a wonderful place to live"





Please drive gently and cautiously through the community and always anticipate that the 'little people' are fixed on having fun and are not looking out 
for the 'big people in cars'.




Copy of beach sign.jpg (70110 bytes)
The Neeld Estate Beach
by the Neeld family and
can only be used by
Residents of Neeld Estate
and their Guests
Anyone else is TRESPASSING
on Private Property
"Violators will be prosecuted by authority of Plum Point Corp." (Posted on the signs leading to the beach)

front of the Chains at the
Beach Entrances

Chips Towing - 410-257-6121 or

Please take the time to read
the signs posted at the
entrances to the beach...
and please be a good
neighbor and follow the rules
as they are posted.
This sign was posted by
Plum Point Development Corp.,
(the Neeld family owns the beach)

A Beach Committee has been
formed to address the issues of
trespassers parking on private
property and using the beach.


Neeld Estate Beach - 1930's
Neeld Estate Beach - 1930's

What did you do today to help save the Chesapeake Bay?


Old Photos Wanted
Help preserve the history of 
Neeld Estate and Plum Point

Share your old Neeld Estate Photos with the community 
email photos to:

Nearly 95% of the land in Maryland drains to the Chesapeake Bay

your lawn...
Do so in the FALL
or NOT at all
Fertilizer runoff is
very harmful to the Bay


Calvert County has a
Leash Law for pets.
This law applies to EVERYONE-
residents & guests in
Neeld Estate. There have been
many complaints from property
owners about the dogs running
loose in the neighborhood and
on the beach.
PLEASE obey the rules
410-535-2800 -
Call to report loose animals

Calvert County has a leash law
DOGS, meaning if a dog is
off the owner's real property,
must be on a leash.
There is also a control law for
CATS, meaning if a cat is
off the owner's real property,
it must be under a person's

Calvert County
Animal Control Regulations

Defecation, Removal
of Excrement

A. NO person owning, keeping or having custody of a dog or cat shall allow or permit excrement of such animal to remain on public property, private property without the consent of the owner or occupant hereof or allow the excrement to cause foul odor
on the owner's property.

B. Any person owning, keeping or having custody of an animal shall immediately remove the excrement deposited by the animal if deposited on property other than the owners.

Neeld Estate Old Photos
The wharf at Plum Point was a bustling commercial center that included a warehouse, Plum Point Store, a post office, a passenger terminal building, and a cannery. The first general store was actually two Civil War-era buildings---a warehouse and a slave dwelling. After 1893, the store was expanded on the east side and a large porch was built across the front of the structure. One account reports, "the store was the hub of the community, a gathering place for both blacks and whites, and everyone who knew it holds their own special memories."



" It's volunteers that make an extra effort every day to strengthen our relationships
in the community and help make Neeld Estate a wonderful place to live"


The Neeld Estate Beach is PRIVATELY OWNED by the Neeld family
and can only be used by Residents of Neeld Estate and their Guests
Anyone else is TRESPASSING on Private Property
"Violators will be prosecuted by authority of Plum Point Corp."

(Posted on the signs leading to the beach)



Last Update:  10/09/2016